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Atlantis Institute for Consciousness And Music (AICM)
Ginger received her training in GIM through the Atlantis Institute for Consciousness And Music (AICM), which was founded by two of Helen Bonnyís first disciples, Sierra Stokes, Ph.D., RMT-BC, and Carol Bush, MSW, LSCW, in order to provide high quality professional training in the Bonny Method. Their Institute is certified internationally by the Association for Music and Imagery (AMI) for all levels of training in GIM. Upon completion of the training, students are awarded the title of AMI Fellow and are entitled to apply GIM to fields such as counseling, health care, special education, and psychotherapy. Students and graduates of the Atlantis Institute for Consciousness And Music are encouraged to pursue research, publications, and new forms of practice with the Bonny Method.

Ginger graduated from the Atlantis Institute for Consciousness And Music in 1994, becoming an AMI Fellow and then, in 1997, an AMI Primary Trainer. Since that time, she has conducted international GIM trainings in Mexico, the USA, Bulgaria, and Spain. Her current trainings in Spain and Mexico are taught in Spanish. She has published various articles in the AMI journal about her adaptations of the Bonny Method. Her private GIM practice incorporates Vipassana meditation, subtle energy healing, Core Energetics, and Gestalt therapy. Gingerís book I Dreamed I Was Normal: A Music Therapists Journey into the Realms of Autism documents how she adapted GIM for three nonverbal adolescents with autism.

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